11 ways to shine in a Virtual Meeting | standup, sprint, project demo | Zoom app | Gmeet app | Teams app

  1. Ability to have eye contact with people
  2. Ability to have a complete control of how loud you sound
  3. Ability to understand how people feel as you are speaking
  4. Ability to listen to the speaker without being distracted by other work and more…

1. Track your daily work

2. Check your internet connection

3. Prepare for the meeting in detail

4. Stay on mute when it’s not your chance to speak

5. Be loud, clear and speak in moderate speed

6. Smile when you speak

7. Dress well and check your lighting

8. Show variation in your tone

9. Stress on important words

10. Avoid umm and ah kind of pauses

11. Don’t use shortforms



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Tharun Shiv

Tharun Shiv

Site Reliability Engineer at PhonePe | Ubuntu Linux | Aerospike | RabbitMQ | Database | NGINX | Backend Engineering | Virtualization